Lotus River, Cape Town, 7805

Client: Western Cape Department of Education

Category: Building and construction

Sector: Public


Building futures together

Being contracted to construct Die Duine Primary School was an opportunity to create a vision that would contribute to the community of Lotus River.

Our biggest challenge in building a school was successfully reaching the strict health and safety regulations when building a school. One of these regulations was that we needed to design and develop the school in such a manner to allow for evacuations throughout the school which included the classrooms, ablutions facilities and the offices. As well laying creating areas for bus off loading and drop off zones and securing the school with gates and fencing. Another challenge was the weather conditions in which our team built the school. The weather was not in our favour when starting construction, it was in the rainy season, yet this didn’t stop us from performing at our highest quality and completing the school. Our skilled construction team alongside our project management team facilitated and ensured an effortless build despite all the challenges.

At AR Projects & Developments we are dedicated to providing a hands on approach when working with our clients. This is true when we worked with Die Duine Primary School, even with existing challenges, additional building requests had come from our client our driven team were dedicated to leave no brick unturned.

Our team has built Die Duine Primary School by performing the highest quality work and providing innovative solutions. Since its construction the school has implanted an immense sense of pride within the community and has uplifted the morale of both the learners and its teachers.